Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Monday, October 5, 2015


The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority has reportedly ordered B & C Capital, Limited to undergo a forensic audit of the company's books. The audit must be conducted by a qualified individual or entity, who must be a disinterested thirty party.

Since Ryan Bateman, the former Managing Director fled the jurisdiction, to avoid prosecution the designated contact person at B & C has been Sharon Lexa Lamb, age 50, who is one of the group of Cayman financial service officers accused of serious financial misconduct in what has come to be known as the Gang of Four scandal. Lamb was named, in writing, by Northland Wealth Management, Inc., as the sole person responsible to its investors for the return of their capital, and securities, though she is neither an officer, nor staff member. Under what authority does she claim to act ?

Miss Lamb
B & C Capital, Ltd. acquired, without investor authority or knowledge, millions of dollars, which it transferred into its own trading accounts, in an operation that victims are now asserting was a Ponzi scheme that defrauded up to 75 Canadian & American investors of their life savings. The other shell companies allegedly utilized by Bateman to launder client funds were Bateman & Company, Ltd., and Bateman Financial, Ltd. Up to $450m, of investor money, is estimated, by the authorities, to be missing. All these companies appear to be insolvent and defunct.

Victims of the fraud have reportedly consulted with counsel, regulators, and law enforcement agencies, in their efforts to obtain a refund of their money, and to seek justice, with respect to the conduct of the Gang of Four.

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