Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Friday, December 4, 2015


Northland Wealth Management, Inc., the Canadian corporation that victims assert engineered and facilitated the unauthorized delivery of millions of dollars of client funds to a dodgy Cayman shell corporation,  B & C Capital, Ltd., while claiming that it was a financial institution, has refused to turn over client financial records, upon demand of a victim's attorney, claiming that it is not the company's practice to assist its clients or former clients.

The communication from Northland, which was made available to this blog by the victim, states that neither  the victim, nor his corporation, are clients of Northland, though the letter ambiguously refers to him as a "former client." In the same paragraph states that Northland "has fulfilled its reporting requirements to the [victim]," leaving the reader to unscramble the double talk, which amounts to a total refusal to make a client's documents available to him. The letter was signed by Northland CEO Arthur Salzer, who is believed to be one of the owners.

Arthur Salzer
In truth and in fact, the victim NEVER received his contract with Northland, notwithstanding multiple requests, and the so-called Addendum that he did receive stated that B & C Capital, Ltd., fugitive Ryan Bateman's illicit trading company, was a financial institution, which was, according to the victims, a material misstatement of fact. Their investment capital was illegally transferred from a reputable bank, to the Gang of Four*, accused of being fraudsters.

The victims have stated that they intend to hold Northland strictly liable for their millions of dollars in losses, as their investment cannot be found, and three of the Cayman Gang of Four, Cayman Islands-based investment professionals who then had possession of the victims' money, have fled the jurisdiction, and cannot be found. B & C Capital is reportedly not holding any assets of the victims.

* The Gang of Four are:
(1) Sharon Lexa Lamb, a Cayman Islands financial services associate, and former Dundee Bank Senior Vice President. Her present whereabouts are unknown; she is believed to be in hiding in Cuba or Venezuela. She is a defendant in a Grand Cayman civil case involving the fraud.
(2) Ryan Bateman, the fugitive former Managing Director of Bateman Capital, B & C Capital, and Bateman & Company. His present location is unknown.
(3) Derek Buntain, the former President of Dundee Bank. He is in hiding somewhere in Canada.
(4) Fernando Mota Mendes, the present Managing Director of B & C Capital, which appears to be defunct. He is living in Grand Cayman.

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